Fans of classic southern cornbread should know

Spoon bread is “similar to cornbread, but more soufflé-like in texture, like British Yorkshire pudding,” writes Spruce Eats. It was traditionally prepared with cornmeal, milk, butter, eggs, sugar and baking powder. The texture results in a soft bread, best eaten with a spoon.

Southern Living suggests serving it in a skillet, as a cornbread dressing, or as a “cornmeal soufflé,” then customize it to your liking by adding herbs, cheese, or ground meat like ham. The bread expands by beating egg yolks and egg whites separately. Stirring in the chunky egg whites gives the bread height.

The New York Times describes the texture of the spoon bread as “tender” because of the eggs and creamed corn. It gets the sweetness of corn and sugar, but then a tang from sour cream or buttermilk, as many recipes suggest. However, Southern Kitchen recommends starting with the basics — eggs, corn, milk, and butter before mixing in the extras. Then, be sure to place it on your hot plate from the oven.

Serve the spoon bread with any main dish. It’s wonderful for brunch, dinner, or with holiday favorites. It doesn’t take long to make, and most likely you already have these basic ingredients in your kitchen.