Michelin-trained chef opens Mexican taqueria in Pyrmont – hospitality

Mexican chef Manual Diaz has opened Mexican taqueria Nativo at Pyrmont in Sydney.

Nativo, which translates to native in Spanish, pays homage to Mexico’s indigenous communities by serving traditional dishes in an innovative way.

“The best of Mexican gastronomy is inspired by ideas developed by the country’s indigenous communities and ancestors,” says Diaz.

“I’ve crafted a menu that honors those flavors and traditions, and we celebrate our union with the Australian community by complementing those recipes with indigenous Australian ingredients to create a unique fusion that brings those roots together.”

Diaz was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and has had stints in restaurants around Mexico City as well as the Michelin star restaurant La Chevre d’Or in France.

The chef has also worked as an executive chef at Milpa Collective Group and Bar Patron in Sydney.

Its new venue focuses on takeout with an outdoor space that only seats 14 customers.

The menu consists of dishes inspired by street food, divided into tacos and antojitos (snacks), as well as drinks.

Tacos include braised pork al pastor with roasted pineapple, onion, cilantro, and salt salsa morita; the beef birria made with brisket cooked slowly for 24 hours; papa’s croqueta with fried potatoes, refried beans, “mushroom chorizo” and orange-chipotle salsa and octopus zarandeado made with Tasmanian octopus and chimichurri.

The antojitos section covers guacamole and fries, a cup of diabla tacos with chicken, guajillo cheese sauce, iceberg lettuce and guacamole; a vegan cochinita pibil tostada made with refried beans, mushroom chorizo ​​and salsa verde and quesadilla rolls.

The drink menu includes guava, mango and passion fruit Jarritos, soft drinks and bottled juices.

Nativo is now open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.