Everything you need to know about Guy Savoy’s only American restaurant

You must be absolutely certain that you have saved space for the dessert menu. Chef Guy Savoy himself insists that dessert is an essential part of a complete meal. “It’s important to us. When you come here, you eat a lot. We make you eat a lot. We want you to eat a lot. Even if you don’t order a lot, you get a lot of goodies with your dinner,” says Savoy, via Vegas.com. He goes on to explain to the outlet that he wants to make sure customers don’t feel too stuffed. “You don’t want to end up with a cheesecake, you just want something refreshing,” he explains. “Our desserts are simple, refreshing and [don’t contain] lots of sugar so you end up with dessert.”

Indeed, light treats like Six Ways Coconut and Apricot, Almond, and Rosemary Ice Cream sit easily on a full stomach (for The Guy Savoy restaurant menu). On the heavier side, you might not be able to find any French toast on this French menu, but you can grab a plate of Belgian waffles for dessert topped with cherries flambée and amaretto. If you feel ready to eat after dinner, flip through the 74 pages of Savoy wine menuwhere sommeliers can get their hands on everything from a glass of Commanderie de Peyrassol, Côtes de Provence for $20 as of 2018, or a bottle of Colheita 1941 for $1,050.