Arizona is home to one of the 30 best French restaurants in America

It’s hard not to love decadent flavors French cuisine… and no, I’m not talking about fries and French toast.

LoveFOOD has compiled a list of the 30 best French restaurants in America. The website states: “Over time, the culture and heritage of the French diaspora has merged with the american food scene to create wonderful restaurants that celebrate the decadent flavors and world-renowned hospitality of France, as well as proud nods to Creole and Cajun influences.”

According to the website, an Arizona restaurant landed on the list. At Vincent’s on Camelback in Phoenix is ​​one of the best French restaurants in America, according to LoveFOOD. The site explains:

“Under the direction of Vincent Guerithault, At Vincent’s is a fusion of France and the American Southwest. Chef Vincent was born and trained in France, having held positions in Paris and Provence before coming to the United States in the 1970s. The melting pot of his experiences is a small restaurant empire, of which Vincent’s on Camelback is one piece. mistress ; to be “an old but certainly a good one” according to one TripAdvisor exam. Enjoy scallops in white truffle butter, foie gras with poached pear, duck confit with Lyonnaise potatoes and much more.

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