What travel discounts are available for over 60s in France?

Reader question: As a recently retired French resident, can I benefit from any discounts on public transport?

French public carriers offer different discounts to passengers over 60 or 65 years old.

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In Ile-de-France, for example, people aged 62 or over are automatically entitled to a Annual Navigo Subscription pass for €37.60, i.e. a 50% reduction on the normal price of the Navigo Mensuel.

If you have lived in Paris for more than three years, you are over 65 and your income is less than or equal to €2,028 per month, you can also benefit from a Pass Paris Senior Access, which allows you to move around the Ile-de-France Network for free.

People between the ages of 60 and 65 can obtain this card if they can prove that they are unable to work.

You can find out more about this pass via the government information page Service-public.fr

The trains

SNCF has also recently launched a subscription offer for people over 60, thanks to which people in this age group can take any TGV Inoui, Intercités or night train service to a French destination, Fribourg. -in-Brisgau in Germany or Luxembourg for €79 per month.

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People who subscribe to this “Max Senior” offer can only travel on a weekday, excluding school holidays and public holidays, and must reserve the train on which they wish to travel.

Subscriptions are for a minimum of three months, after which customers can cancel for €15. After 12 months, these cancellation fees are waived.

The Avantage Senior card, which costs €49 per year and gives access to a 30% reduction (or 60% for 4 to 11 year olds traveling with you) for people over 60.

This card also caps second-class ticket fares to all destinations in France in addition to the 30% discount.

For example, a journey of less than 1h30 will never cost cardholders more than €39.

Suburban trains, buses and trams

Regional public carriers such as Lignes d’Azur in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Ilévia around Lille also offer discounts for over-60s or over-65s.

You can find out more about these offers by visiting your local operator’s website, but they normally apply to TER trains, trams, metros and buses, and can take the form of a monthly or annual subscription.


of Air France Senior card gave over-65s access to flexible tickets (with currency exchange fees), free checked baggage allowances and reduced fares.

The card costs €49 per year and can lower ticket prices by up to 30% for flights to French and European destinations, as well as certain countries in North Africa and West Asia.

Air Caraïbes also offers flexible bookings for over 60s and reduced fares for a subscription of €59 per year.

Car rental

The car rental company Avis offers a 10-30% Senior Club discount for vehicle rental. The offer costs €65 and lasts two years.

Hotel chains and tour operators also offer discounted deals for seniors at different times of the year. So it’s worth checking what you can save with each booking.

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