– Historic Brunswick hotel reopens after $3.5 million in renovations

The newly renovated reception of The Federal hotel in Brunswick. C. Thacher Carter/The Times Record

A historic Brunswick hotel — formerly known as The Daniel — reopened as The Federal on Sunday after a two-year closure and a more than $3.5 million facelift.

Belle Point Holding LLC purchased the Water Street Hotel in September 2020. It is now managed by Principal Hospitality.

Renovations that began in April 2021 are expected to be complete by the end of next month, according to senior hospitality chairman Gerard Kiladjian.

In February 2020, former owner Abhijit Das of Troca Hotels announced plans to sell it for just under $3 million, after months of financial and operational difficulties, The Times Record reported. Shortly after, the hotel was foreclosed.

The property was sold at a bank foreclosure auction in September 2020 for $1.6 million at Belle Point. The sale included $80,000 in back taxes to the city, which have since been paid.

Then, in June 2021, Das — who was also a candidate for Congress from Massachusetts in 2017-18 — was charged with using campaign funds for his hotel business.

Kiladjian said when the hotel was purchased, six rooms in the original part of the building, which was built in 1810, were unfinished and the elevator was not operational. The building’s 30 rooms have since been renovated and the elevator restored.

The hotel’s restaurant – which will reopen for dinner five days a week in April – has also received “a significant investment”, Kiladjian said.

In 2020, The Times Record reported that the owners originally planned to turn the building into senior housing. Those plans were scrapped because the building did not meet state structural code requirements for a nursing home, according to Kiladjian.

“We found that the people of Brunswick are just invested in this building – it has a lot of history,” Kiladjian said. “The majority of people didn’t want to see him change his focus, they wanted him to stay as a hotel and they wanted the restaurant to come back.”

The exterior of the Federal Hotel in Brunswick. C. Thacher Carter/The Times Record

The hotel also includes a meeting room for 50 people and a boardroom for 35 people. Opening rates start at $149 per night and range from $189 to around $450 in the summer depending on demand. The name change is primarily attributed to the building’s construction in the Federalist era around 1810, as well as its proximity to Federal Street.

Councilor Dan Ankeles said on Tuesday he – along with Rep. Poppy Arford and Councilor Sande Updegraph – visited the new hotel on March 1.

Ankeles said he’s grateful for the new lodging and dining option in town and thinks the Federal’s opening is emblematic of a broader trend in Brunswick where businesses are quick to fill empty spaces.

“It shows that our economy is healthy, that people are optimistic about our city, and I certainly see that as an optimistic sign for all of us,” Ankeles said.

Other examples, Ankeles said, include the opening of Hatch Home on Maine Street, The Butchers & Bakers in the Tontine mall and a new French bakery set to open in Big E’s former Burrito location downtown. .

A room inside the Federal Hotel in Brunswick. C. Thacher Carter/The Times Record

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