UN Students to Spread Across the Country and Globe During Spring Break 22 – WKTN

ADA, Ohio — Students, faculty, and staff at Ohio Northern University will embark on several unforgettable journeys focused on service and learning this semester, especially during spring break, which begins March 7. Here are a few:

Peru: Nine pharmacy students will learn about global healing traditions. Led by Kelly Shields, Pharm.MD, Associate Dean of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmacy Practice, and joined by Hannah Stokes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, the group will spend a week in the Amazon exploring flora and fauna from the rainforest to learn how plants are used for healing and well-being. Participants will meet with Indigenous healers and practitioners of Western medicine to gain a variety of perspectives. This trip will mark the third study abroad excursion to Peru and is part of a course that also explores African and Asian healing traditions.

France: A total of 28 students undertook a 10-day “Remembrance of the Second World War in Normandy and on the Western Front” trip to France and Belgium. Led by David Strittmatter, Ph.D., assistant professor of history, and three other faculty members, the group will visit several memorials along the northwestern region of France and parts of Belgium.

Las Vegas: Chris Caldwell, International Services Advisor, will lead an American Cultural Tour in Las Vegas. First-generation students, Pell scholarship recipients, students of color and international students, most of whom have not traveled extensively in the United States, will visit museums and historic sites such as Red Rocks National Park , Valley of Fire State Park and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Arkansas: As the UN Habitat for Humanity Student Chapter restarts after a pandemic-related hiatus, a group of nine students will travel to Benton, Arkansas to assist the Saline County Habitat Chapter. They will work in the organization’s ReStore, which sells used and refurbished household items to support Habitat home building and other projects, and eventually assemble materials for building a home. This contingent will be led by the Office of Chaplain, David MacDonald. Habitat for Humanity is a national Christian nonprofit organization that builds affordable homes and provides zero-interest mortgages to qualified families. It also provides home repairs.

After Spring Break, other learning trips will include:

Germany: Bryan Boulanger, Ph.D., professor of civil and environmental engineering and head of the department, and David Mikesell, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and head of the department, will supervise 16 engineering students during a trip of 11 days within the framework of a course Engineering, traditions and culture in Germany. During their stay, students will travel from Munich to Berlin, visit important engineering sites, see different engineering disciplines in action, and learn about cultural and historical landmarks along the way.

Japan: Caldwell will take 18 students from different disciplines to Japan. They will visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Some of their stops will include the Studio Ghibli Museum and the Kyoto International Manga Museum, as well as a wide variety of other artistic, cultural, and historical sites. To raise funds that will help students pay for this trip, the Office of Global Initiatives will host a “hacky sack challenge” after the men’s lacrosse game on March 26. Open to the public, the fundraiser will offer participants chances to win $200, $300 or $500. For $25, challenge participants will throw hack bags onto the field. The hackey bags closest to the target will represent the winners. People do not need to be present to participate; fundraising staff will play for you.

For more information and to participate, contact Caldwell at [email protected]