Cédric Grolet: the extraordinary French pastry chef makes his London debut at the Berkeley

At just 36 years old, her rise to culinary greatness has been stratospheric. From his debut as sous-chef at the five-star Parisian hotel Le Meurice in 2012, he worked his way up to pastry chef, quickly earning such a reputation that he launched his eponymous La Pâtisserie du Meurice in 2018. by Cedric Grolet. in one of its specialties, optical illusion fruit: hyper-realistic recreations of lemons, mangoes, nuts, and more, deliciously rendered as elaborate desserts. Then, in 2019, came Grolet’s Parisian boutique, Cédric Grolet Opéra, devoted to floral-inspired confectionery: like delicate tarts with thin slices of apple forming a blooming rose, and its version of a Mont-Blanc, with cream of chestnut elaborate ruffled petals.

Cédric Grolet’s flower cakes

Calvin Courjon

Drawing heavily on the beauty of the changing seasons and his own memories, Grolet chose fruits and flowers as his specialty because of the resonance the two motifs have for him personally. As a child growing up in France, he received a piece of fruit every day as he left for school and earned pocket money working as a fruit picker on the weekends. As for flowers, it was a favorite sentiment of her mother to say that “with a single flower, you can conquer the world; something that Grolet turned out to be true in a very literal sense. And while the specificity of those memories may be unique to Grolet, there is a collective nostalgia around pastry that has a universal resonance, tapping into associations of comfort, contentment and carefree joy – which clearly rang with its hordes. devoted fans. Grolet’s work, however, takes these connotations and elevates them to dizzying new heights, creating visual masterpieces that look as remarkable as they taste. At a time when eating with the eyes is becoming more and more important, he has become a real sensation on Instagram, accumulating more than 2.2 million followers. He is also an acclaimed cookbook author with three volumes to his name: Fruits, Opera and flowers.