Could you survive in the bush? Australian version of Alone coming in 2023 | Reality show

Australian campers, survivors and reality TV fans are all in for a treat, with SBS announcing the launch of an Australian version of Alone, the international hit that sees contestants compete to survive the longest in places distant.

SBS announced the new show on Monday as part of its 2022 lineup. The show will follow the format of the US original, in which 10 people spread out over rough terrain, taking with them just 10 items from an approved list. . Competitors have to film themselves and never know how many more are still in the game, until one person remains.

Casting for the first season opens Monday, with a TV ad asking, “Do you have what it takes to protect, feed, and stay alive in total isolation?” Can you survive alone in the Australian wilderness? »

SBS head of documentaries Joseph Maxwell said Alone was the most popular factual series on the channel’s streaming service, SBS On Demand, which now has more than 10 million registered users.

“I’m a little worried about the number of applications that will come in, due to [Alone’s] popularity,” Maxwell said. “It’s literally broken all the records that exist. We knew that on our shelf was this thing that was getting tremendous engagement, so it only made sense to make an Australian version.

“It was really exciting to start plotting – what would it look like, where would it be, how are we going to do it? It’s a terrifying sight, it’s quite a scary idea.

Maxwell said SBS would be looking for applicants who could demonstrate advanced survival skills and an aptitude for filming, and who came from a variety of cultural backgrounds, particularly Indigenous Australians.

“There’s no point in someone going there if they don’t have the basic skills. You need people with some resilience – the great thing is you can’t predict that. And we really want to ensure cultural diversity, representation of First Nations and also women,” he said.

“I think [First Nations knowledge] is an integral part of the show. We are still on First Nations lands. And I think one of the things that Alone has done very helpfully, with some of the stories of Canadian first nations, is effortlessly fit into this recognition of the lands that we’re on, that there might be certain customs or traditions that we are able to inform people. »

The location for the show has yet to be finalized, but Maxwell said the scouts are looking for cold locations to allow them to start filming in June, during the Australian winter. The show will air in early 2023.

“We have favourites,” he said. “You gotta make sure there’s no line of sight [between camps], you need to make sure it’s a very large area. We are so lucky with Australia to have this space. We have to make sure there are no roads, there are no little huts, do everything we can to make sure they are completely isolated, day and night.

SBS could not confirm the prize money, but said it would be “life changing”.

The original Alone, where the winner takes home US$500,000, was syndicated worldwide. Danish and Norwegian versions were also launched.

Monday’s announcement also confirmed the launch of a sixth free-to-air SBS channel, SBS WorldWatch, which will provide news in more than 35 languages, in May 2022. SBS announced that it will broadcast the FIFA World Cup Qatar in November, and the first-ever Tour de France Women – the long-awaited Tour de France women.

Other shows announced include 200 more episodes of Adam Liaw’s The Cook Up, a new sexual consent documentary hosted by Jess Hill called Yes, No, Maybe, and original drama Safe Home, from the Offspring creator. Imogen Banks, about a woman whose life is turned upside down. upside down when she starts working at a women’s legal center.

SBS has also confirmed the return of the Australian version of the hit genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are?, with Matt Moran, Paula Duncan and Myf Warhurst among the celebrities exploring their family trees during the 13th season of the show. episode.