French restaurants forced to reveal where the meat comes from – POLITICO

Restaurants and school canteens serving meat in France must indicate which country it comes from and where the animal was slaughtered, under a new law that came into force on March 1.

It is part of a broader French drive to take control of food sovereignty and protect its farmers from what French politicians perceive as unfair competition from non-European producers, who can raise livestock more intensively. Half of the meat that French children eat at school is imported.

french newspaper The Parisian reported that the long-awaited decree would come into official legal journal Thursday, news that was confirmed by the French Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie.

The law will apply to any form of meals outside the home and refers to chicken, pork, lamb and mutton. France has imposed origin labeling on beef in restaurants since 2002, mainly in response to the mad cow crisis.

“We worked on this for a long time to finally be able to let parents know if the chicken in their children’s school canteens comes from France or Ukraine or Brazil, and the same goes for restaurants,” Denormandie said. this month.

The legality of the law had to be reviewed by the French Council of State court in early January before it could be published.

France is making a broader attempt in Brussels to make trade fairer for EU farmers, including stepping up political pressure over an impending ban on animal growth hormones that will also apply to non-EU farmers wishing to sell meat in Europe.