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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. (WSVN) – Surveillance video shows a French bulldog being stolen from a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale.

Danaja Brinkley, the dog’s owner, was informed on social media that the dog was there on Thursday and the dog was also there on Wednesday.

She came to a square a few miles from the hotel and put up flyers for shops and restaurants in hopes she could find Georgie.

The pup is just 9 months old and was stolen early Wednesday morning from the Cambria Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

‘Apparently she broke into Gianni’s restaurant which is part of the hotel, went for, I assume, cash, booze. I don’t know what she was looking for because here we see rumble in the footage,” Brinkley said. “She goes down the hall. At the same time, he meets her in the hallway. She looks like she’s wondering if she’ll catch him or not, and she picks him up and leaves with him in about two minutes.

The woman went out with Brinkley’s friend.

“I can’t even make it up, like, this is crazy,” Brinkley said.

Brinkley immediately took to Facebook and Instagram to post, and random strangers responded.

“That’s when he was spotted in that area yesterday. He was just sitting next to the backpack,” Brinkley said, showing 7News the messages she received regarding Georgie’s whereabouts.

Georgie and the woman were spotted in the square a few miles from the hotel on Wednesday.

“My brother is in the car and is also looking for him. We handed out flyers to all the businesses in the area and everyone on Facebook shared and tried to locate him again,” Brinkley said, hoping and praying she gets her friend back and soon.

To the woman who took him, she said, “I hope she feeds him. I hope to give him some food and take him to the nearest shelter, please.

Brinkley said if you see his dog, call 911 immediately. His family is also offering their own reward.

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