Boy was hit by bullet that falls on New Years Eve in US and yes it can actually happen

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A 10-year-old boy survived a freak accident during a fireworks display on New Years Eve when he was hit by a falling bullet.

Fabian Rivera was watching fireworks from his backyard in New Orleans on December 31 when the ball fell from the sky and hit him, local station WWLTV reports.

“He was looking at the sky and we heard like fireworks, then he got off the swing and came crying with blood,” the boy’s cousin, Diana Lopez, told WWLTV.

The bullet passed through the boy’s upper lip and exited his lower jaw, leaving him with two broken teeth, WWLTV reports. He was taken to hospital and then released.

The boy said he “felt good” now, although he said the pain was “terrible”.

Police believe it was a bullet falling from a celebratory gunshot.

Bullets fired into the air can fall back to Earth, and while it is not very common for them to hit someone, it has happened before.

Bullets typically don’t have the same force as when fired from a gun, but gravity can still give them enough speed to cause fatal damage, according to a 2004 report from the Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention.

It is not known exactly how often this happens, but there are a few reports each year people hit by stray bullets, especially around New Year’s Eve.

New Orleans police have not identified any suspects in the case, although they did warn people of the celebratory gunfire last week.

“Please DO NOT unload guns in the air,” they wrote on Facebook.

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