Rangers supporters boil over Lyon banknote mess as French government turns around sparks confusion

Rangers fans have grown furious after the French government made another U-turn in their Europa League clash in Lyon.

More than 2,000 Rangers fans have bought tickets for the clash in France as group winner Lyon welcome second-team Gio van Bronckhorst.

Itinerant fans were first informed that they would not be able to access Lyon city center on match day due to the ongoing Festival of Lights.

But Rangers were forced to issue a furious statement on Monday confirming that France had gone one step further and withdrawn its allotment of tickets altogether.

Naturally, this led to many fans canceling their flights to France.

And those fans, along with the wider support, remained in disbelief when another statement from Rangers today confirmed the allowance was reinstated less than 24 hours later.

Responding to the statement on Twitter, one wrote: “What a mess this has been from start to finish. The canceled flights, accommodation and train tickets yesterday, losing most of my money to let them do it today. “

Another tweeted: “This after most people canceled stuff yesterday. They take the fuck!”

Another added: “So fans book flights and hotels. Cancel flights and hotels. And now they’re being told they can go anyway. Absolute mess.”

One of them rants against the French: “Absolute s *** show in Lyon, canceled everything last night so that they do that today.”

And another summed it up by saying, “Shambolic. No other word for it.