The ski resorts “impatient to go,” insist the French despite the upsurge in infections in Europe

However, skiers and snowboarders should be prepared for certain changes in their holiday experience.

Wearing a mask will remain mandatory when queuing or going up the ski lifts, but not when using the slopes. Visitors may also be asked to wear them in restaurants unless they are seated and when moving around common areas of hotels.

The other key Covid measure is France’s digital health pass, providing proof of a full vaccination, past infection or recent negative test, carried out every 72 hours.

During the winter, it will continue to be a key feature of ski resorts. Visitors will need it to enter restaurants, cafes and bars – even to sit outside on terraces – but “you won’t need it for shopping or renting your ski equipment,” Mr. Lemoyne.

Things are a little more complicated for Brits over 65, or who have teenagers.

Children 12 years of age and over must follow the pass sanitary rules, which means teens will have to be given a double shot – a problem when the UK only offers young people a single dose.

If they do not receive a double bite, they must show proof of recent infection or get a negative PCR test every 72 hours. Tests are available in France, but at a cost to the holidaymaker.

For French people over 65, a third booster dose will be mandatory to activate the pass from December 15, but its application to foreign visitors remains a gray area.

Mr. Lemoyne said: “We are currently working on how it will be implemented. The solutions will be in place by December 15.

As for après-ski, Mr Lemoyne said here too, the situation had “returned to normal as possible, given the situation”.

He added: “This winter it will be hot chocolate and mulled wine, plus social distancing.”