Increase in international arrivals under new US travel rules

Travelers from more than 30 countries previously banned by coronavirus restrictions flocked to U.S. airports on Monday, the first day visitors from those countries, but travel from overseas was still far from pre-pandemic levels .

It was the first time that airlines required proof of vaccination for travelers boarding flights to the United States. Visitors were also required to show proof of a negative coronavirus test.

As emotional reunion photos spread across social media Monday, 206,990 international travelers arrived at U.S. airports, according to customs and border protection. That’s nearly 40,000 more travelers from overseas that the United States received on a typical day in 2020.

Visitors from England, Ireland, France, Brazil, China, India, Iran and 26 other previously restricted countries were greeted in the change, which signaled a shift towards normality, a extremely important development that has fueled hopes for hotels, restaurants, and long-divided families. and companies with employees abroad.

The total number of inbound travelers, including US citizens but excluding crew members, is well below one typical day in 2019, when 371 912 people, including airline passengers and crew, flew to the United States. (Estimates for a typical day in 2021 are not yet available.)

On Monday, the New York City area alone welcomed more than 37,800 foreign people at Kennedy International Airport, the country’s busiest, and Newark Liberty International Airport, according to the border agency. Miami International Airport, the country’s second busiest on Monday, welcomed more than 21,000 travelers from overseas.

Many airlines are adding flights to the schedules they cut back during the pandemic in the hope that travelers will enjoy renewed access to the United States. On Monday, Air France had increased Paris-Kennedy flights to five per day against three. And British Airways said it had increased its flights to New York to five a day from a daily flight. United Airlines said it expected to carry more than 30,000 passengers to the United States on Monday, about 10,000 more than the previous Monday.

But overall, the total number of flights to the United States, 1,376, was not much different from the week before – up about 60 flights from the previous Monday, according to Cirium, a company of aeronautical data.

Many airlines and tourism analysts have expressed optimism that the real increase in travel to the United States from overseas will occur during the holidays.