Theater for the New Town will present Alessandra Belloni & I Giullari di Piazza

Join a renowned singer Alessandra Belloni & his troupe I Giullari di Piazza as they open a portal to the sacred sites of the mysterious Black Madonna in Italy and around the world. The concert features music from the CD included in Alessandra BelloniThe best-selling book of Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna, published by Inner Traditions – Bear & Company, and in French by Le Duc. The Company takes an enchanting journey to discover the Seven Black Virgins, following the ancient Neapolitan legend, known as the “Seven Sisters” in southern Italy. This journey through traditional legends, miracles and history transports the audience to a time and place where an ancient and unbroken tradition continues today. Processions, drum rituals, songs and sensual dances in honor of the Black Madonna will be performed by a cast of seven artists, musicians, dancers and singers. Ending with the TARANTELLE healing trance dance!


Alessandra Belloni, lead vocals, mezzo-soprano, percussions from southern Italy

JOE DENINZON, violinist and arranger

WILSON MONTUORI, classical and acoustic guitar

MARA GERETY, violin & vocals

SILENIA LUCIUS, narrator, dancer in the role of the Black Madonna


The unique presentation features ancient chants to the Madonna of Montevergina (Avellino) venerated on a high sacred mountain, and the drum in her honor TAMMORRIATA, a sensual dance that dates back to the rites of the Earth Goddess Mother Cybele. It also presents new original compositions by Alessandra Belloni and composer Jean La Barbera dedicated to the Goddess of the Earth, and to the African Orishas Yoruba, Ochun, Yemanja, the Black Virgin of the Gypsies form France and Mary Magdalene. The concert follows the stories and music featured in Alessandra Bellonithe new video series “THE JOURNEY OF THE BLACK VIRGIN – Virtual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, launched as an online course on Teachable. In the Virtual Pilgrimage, Belloni leads viewers through a journey of healing and education that shows authentic rituals from southern Italy and the means by which the Black Madonna is still kept alive today.These rituals surrounding the legend of the Black Madonna date back to the times They have their roots in ancient devotions to Isis, the Earth goddess, and the African Mother, and recalls a time when God was not only a woman but also a black. The sacred sites of the Black Madonna are still revered in Italy and the shamanic healing traditions of the Black Madonna are alive and powerful today.

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Musical selections in the production include:

– The Medieval Song in honor of the Black Madonna used to appease the fear of death by the plague:

– CUNCTI SIMUS CONCANENTES, a healing ritual in honor of the Black Madonna of Calabria, known as NOTRE DAME DES POVRES – – This circular dance, which evokes the elegant and meditative movements of the ceremonies of the Sufi whirling dervishes was used during the time of the Black Death, to heal people and to free oneself from overwhelming fears of death from contagious disease. This is very important and similar to the current situation with the coronvirus epidemic .;

– an ancient song to the Black Madonna of Montevergine (Avellino) from the Campania region known as Mamma Schiavona and the ritual drum in her honor known as TAMMORRIATA. These include the transgender rite of Femminielli and the erotic “spider dance” of the tarantella, which has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean for healing;

– new original compositions by Alessandra Belloni dedicated to the Goddess of the Earth, to the African Yoruba Orishas (Ochun, Yemanja), to the Black Madonna of the Gypsies (of France) and to Mary Magdalene.

In the Middle Ages, black virgins were called upon for protection from the plague, and this prayer lineage resonates with even more power as the world mourns the impact of covid19. At a time when the world is in need of healing and connection, the concert unveils sacred and historical contexts for liberation, the #MeToo movement, and transgender civil rights. Truly alive for all, it embraces and gives everyone access to his divine strength and his unconditional love.


In the Neapolitan tradition, there are seven Madonnas who are seven sisters. The last of these “sisters” was considered the ugliest so she fled to a high mountain in order to force the pilgrims to look for her. When the pilgrims found her, they found out that she was actually the most beautiful of all Madonnas, and that she was black, so they called her Mamma Schiavona (The Servant Mother). She is known to Neapolitans as the Madonna di Montevergine.

The Black Madonna is venerated on a high sacred mountain, which pilgrims still climb barefoot, singing and drumming in her honor. The location was once the sacred temple of the goddess Cybele, whom people still worship with a ritual known as Tammorriata, a sultry fertility dance that will also be part of the concert.

The Roman poet Virgil is believed to have climbed the mountain “Partenio” (Monte Vergine) to find inspiration for his poems. He evoked the response of the Goddess Cybele (Gaia) through the mythical Prophetess Sibilla Cumana (the Sibyl). In his temple, he passed his initiatory journey (seven stages) and became “Mago-Poeta” (healer / poet).