France’s detention of a British trawler is a blow to the French authorities

Shellfish broths

Make no mistake, France’s possession of a British scallop trawler yesterday has little to do with real concern about the fine print of the boat’s fishing license.

Rather, it is a matter of doing nonsense in a crisis of spite on the part of the French authorities, who happily threw themselves into what appears to be minor bureaucratic confusion.

British trawler arrested in France as Paris escalates threats over what it sees as fishermen’s refusal of permits to operate in British waters after BrexitCredit: EPA

What a coincidence that this gangster behavior is happening just as Paris is stepping up its threats on what he sees as the denial of permits to his fishermen to operate in British waters after Brexit.

Regardless of whether the UK has granted 98% of the EU’s demands, France has pledged to block UK ships in its ports if it doesn’t get what it wants and threatens a “Slowdown” by customs officials.

Given their leisurely speed at the best of times, the mind wonders what deliberate slowness would look like.

Yesterday’s studiously neutral statement by the EU – which usually never hesitates to criticize the UK – says a lot about France’s embarrassing behavior.

Last night, the French Ambassador to Great Britain has been summonedd for a disguise – treatment normally reserved for an international pariah such as Iran or Russia. But how else to manage France when one of its ministers ratifies “the language of force” and another declares that the situation is “not a war, it is a fight”?

No, not a war. More like hacking, we would say.

Garbage can help


Time and time again our foreign aid money has been wasted on ridiculously frivolous projectsCredit: Rex

AMONG the less welcome elements of Rishi Sunak’s budget was a commitment to increase foreign aid spending to 0.7% of national income by 2025.

Just one question, Mr. Chancellor: why?

Time and time again our foreign aid money has been squandered on ridiculously frivolous projects such as starting pop groups or found its way into the pockets of the rich, the corrupt and the evil.

This is not to doubt the merits of “soft power” through aid, nor to deny our moral duty to help those who truly deserve it.

But channeling money into questionable causes to hit an arbitrary target is an affront to taxpayers facing a cost of living crisis.

If we are to stick to this flawed policy, what counts as aid must be urgently redefined and stupid indulgences prohibited. Anything less adds insult to injury.

Poppy idols

Vera Parnaby, 82, has been collecting for the Legion for 75 years and has personally raised over £ 1million


Vera Parnaby, 82, has been collecting for the Legion for 75 years and has personally raised over £ 1millionCredit: Charlie Clift

OUR Armed Forces sacrifice so much to protect us and the period leading up to Remembrance Sunday is the time of year when it is our duty to protect them.

Each year The Sun asks readers to donate The Poppy Appeal in support of veterans, but 2021 is special.

First, like Ross Kemp points out here, Covid restrictions have limited the tireless efforts of poppy sellers in 2020, so we want them to bounce back in style.

Second, this year marks the centenary of the first Poppy Call.

What better way to honor the centenary than to help the Royal British Legion surpass its goal of £ 43million?

France seizes British trawler as dispute over fishing rights escalates and French minister declares “It’s a fight”