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The hotel reopens mark a step forward in recovering New York City hotels from the pandemic as Singapore slowly, and I mean slowly, moves closer to fully reopening its international borders.

Cameron Sperance

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Sunday October 10

In a promising signal for New York’s struggling hotel industry, two of Manhattan’s largest hotels are expected to reopen in the coming weeks. According to Crain’s, the New York Hilton Midtown will reopen on October 4, while the Grand Hyatt is expected to welcome guests on November 1. The news comes just days after city council passed a bill requiring hotels to shut down or lay off 75% of their staff during the pandemic to provide $ 500 per week in severance pay to service workers for a period of time. up to 30 weeks. The Hotel Trades Council said the 1,900-room Hilton will bring back 325 of its approximately 1,100 employees, while the 1,300-room Hyatt will bring back at least 25% of its approximately 700 employees.

Remark : New York City hotels may not have fully recovered from the pandemic, but city regulations are helping to return some workers to their old jobs.

Monday, October 11

Macau, which was the model place, long considered the safest place in the world, has seen a total backlash. They’ve kept things pretty restrictive even with zero cases for so long, but now they’re in full panic mode. With Golden Week upon them and their first outbreak since the pandemic began, they tried to save the week for resorts with the Macau-Zhuhai border measures relaxed. Guangdong has chosen to maintain the current quarantine measures. Then the border with Zhuhai was supposed to reopen today, but another new case was discovered in Macau and at the last minute they canceled the reopening, Macau canceled the school an hour before the opening and a third series of mass tests takes place. As for the Golden Week unfolding for Macau casinos, the dream of having 25,000 to 35,000 visitors per day has become a reality with 3,122 visitors arriving in the first two days.

Remark : China’s hospitality sector is taking another hit thanks to the country’s continued zero-tolerance approach to outbreaks, regardless of the number of cases.

Tuesday, October 12

Singapore is shortening the quarantine period for travelers entering the city-state and further relaxing arrival rules for some countries in the latest decision to reopen its borders. Travelers arriving from certain areas will be required to spend 10 days in isolation starting October 7, instead of the current 14 days. The rules apply to Category III countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Covid cases continue to rise with an increase of nearly 3,000 on Friday, even with some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Several countries have been moved to Category II, where they only need to spend seven days in quarantine, also from October 7. Those who have been displaced in this group are France, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. Ireland and Greece have been moved to Category III. Singapore is increasing the number of hospital beds, as its healthcare system expects a caseload of 5,000 per day by mid-October. Friday tied the record for the most deaths, with 8 people succumbing to the effects of Covid-19. New infections among foreign workers staying in dormitories doubled on Friday to 818 from the previous day.

Remark : An extraordinary small step in the reopening of one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia to international visitors.

Wednesday October 13

Sandals Resorts is celebrating 40 years of all-inclusive hospitality by honoring its founder’s legacy with the opening of the Gordon “Butch” Stewart International School of Hospitality and Tourism. The new school will be located on the western campus of the University of the West Indies, Mona, in the tourism capital of the Caribbean, Montego Bay. Also, in honor of the 40e anniversary, Sandals Resorts International, in collaboration with the Sandals Foundation, identifies forty projects that best showcase the incredible resemblance between tourism, the region’s most influential industry, and its power to transform Caribbean and Caribbean communities. ‘improve life. Projects will be selected in five main areas: supporting local farmers, hospitality training and certification, preservation of natural resources, exploitation of unique crafts and community awareness. Sandals Resorts is also starting the conversation with its first-ever podcast, “Sandals PalmCast,” giving listeners a snapshot of all the latest resort events. There will be personalized Then & Now cocktails and new poolside service; Sandals rewind events; and a vintage retail collection in all stores in the Beach House complex.

Remark : It’s been four decades since Sandals was launched and played a major role in building the all-inclusive vacation industry. Learn more here about how Sandals and its competitors will move after the pandemic.

Thursday October 14

Star Entertainment wants to take a page from the playbooks of many large US casino companies and resell and lease a minority stake in its $ 2.3 billion Pyrmont site in Darling Harbor in Sydney. This would include gambling halls, three luxury hotels, and a host of high-priced restaurants and retail outlets. Although this has been happening in the United States in recent years, analysts are divided over the long-term viability of some companies like MGM Resorts or Penn National Gaming as they do not have any physical assets to support future expansion plans. that could involve debt. As part of Star’s plan, they will continually invest capital in Pyrmont’s infrastructure, which includes 620 hotel rooms across three properties, as well as at least six branded restaurants as well as alfresco dining. Star would use the proceeds from the sale to repay debt and invest in other growth projects, while continuing to expand his Pyrmont property. Star is in talks with the NSW government to build two new hotel towers at the Pyrmont site, one of which would be a Ritz-Carlton hotel. They also trade for 1,000 other slot machines. Australian analysts suggest turning Star Sydney into an opco / propco structure could achieve a value of $ 1.8-2.6 billion.

Remark : Casino companies continue to consider following the hotel industry’s thin asset model, but it may not be as easy for gaming brands to go down this route.

Hilton has announced a partnership between its Tempo by Hilton brand and Bluestone Lane. The collaboration marks a one-of-a-kind partnership, with Hilton and Bluestone Lane co-creating unique on-site dining and beverage experiences at Tempo by Hilton hotels, showcasing award-winning Bluestone Lane food and beverage offerings, including the Coffee. , juice and tea and other branded products. Bluestone Lane owns and operates over 55 coffee shops and cafes in the United States With over a dozen confirmed projects in development, travelers will soon be able to experience Tempo by Hilton in the years to come with recent signings including Tempo Memphis Downtown Union Row, Tempo New York City Manhattan Downtown World Trade Center Area; Tempo Irving Las Colinas, Tempo Seattle Downtown and Tempo Milwaukee Downtown.

Remark : This is a major boost for hotels relaunching and improving food and drink offerings after many of those programs were gutted during the pandemic.