Burger King gives access to French restaurants to its Instagram account and to 328,000 subscribers

In the wake of its appeal to fast food lovers to stand out from their competitors, Burger King France has shifted into high gear. The burger giant has opened its Instagram account to independent French restaurants to gain visibility during their closure.

After the blows the restaurant industry has suffered around the world, the social media campaign is sure to win praise from Burger King. The free and generous advertising giveaway, imagined by Buzzman, will run until January 21, when restaurants will be allowed to reopen.

Until then, a number of restaurants that need visibility will be able to post to the account for free. Each day, Burger King will highlight several with their menus, their addresses and their promotions.

To participate, restaurant owners will only have to post a photo of their signature dish with the #WhopperAndFriends and Burger King France will take care of reposting them.


Burger King France
Marketing Director: Alexandre Simon
Product Marketing Officer: Carole Rousseau
Press officer: Erinna Beaudron

President and Executive Director of Creation: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice-president: Thomas Granger
Managing Director: Julien Levilain
Creative directors: Philippe Boucheron & Patrice Lucet
Artistic director: Antoine Blondet
Editor: Julien Moulin
Account manager: Loïc Coelho
Account manager: Fany Maupou
Social media manager: Julien Scaglione
Social Media Consultant: Félix Brunot
Social Media Consultant: Arnaud Cherbonnier
PR & Communication Manager: Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager: Paul Renaudineau

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