The Egyptian army receives a multipurpose frigate in France – Politics – Egypt

British type 26 Global Combat vessel. (Photo; Reuters)

Egypt received a FREMM (European multipurpose frigate) on Tuesday at the port of Lorient, in western France, as part of a military agreement it signed with France in February to modernize its military force in the face of to ongoing regional crises.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves le Drian said the delivery is the “first step” in creating a “unique relationship” between the two states, adding that Paris recognizes Egypt’s central role to ensure security in the region.

Egyptian Defense Minister and Army Commander Sedki Sobhi left for France on Monday to meet with French military officials.

The multipurpose frigate weighs nearly 2,000 tons and is 142 meters long.

In February, Egypt and France signed an agreement whereby Cairo bought 24 French jet fighters Rafale, the naval frigate and related military equipment. In total, the transaction amounts to more than 5 billion euros (5.70 billion dollars). The contract made Egypt the first export customer for the combat aircraft, built by Dassault Aviation.

At the same time, the US Embassy in Cairo announced on Monday that it had delivered two fast-missile warships to the Egyptian Navy, according to a statement from the US Embassy in Cairo.

“This delivery effectively doubles Egypt’s total fleet of rapid missile missiles from two to four,” the statement said, describing the ships as an “investment” of US $ 1.1 billion in “the partnership. bilateral strategic “between the two countries.

The statement said the delivery “supports maritime and regional security, which includes the protection of vital waterways such as the Suez Canal and the Red Sea.”

The Egyptian navy is currently participating in a Saudi-led Arab operation against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Egyptian forces are focused on securing the Red Sea, south of the Suez Canal in Egypt.

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