French restaurants will label home-made dishes

Restaurants in France will soon be able to add a government approved logo next to menu items that are made internally. According to the decree below of the French government (translated), the label, called “home made, will come into force tomorrow. RFI notes that the French Parliament has approved the measure to “control the quantity of processed foods used and preserve the high gastronomic standing of France. ”

Restaurants may label dishes as “home-made” even though the raw products – except the potatoes – have been “frozen, refrigerated, cut, ground, smoked or peeled” when they are delivered to the restaurant. Consumer Minister Carole Delga told AFP that potatoes are the exception because many fast foods use frozen potatoes to make fries. Prepared dishes such as pasta, bread, cheese and wine can also be used in “home-made” dishes.

Many players in the French restaurant industry quickly pointed out the flaws in the new law. According to Guardian, a spokesperson for the hospitality industry union said that with the logo, “the work of professionals will not be recognized. A tomato salad that is ready to use sliced ​​will get the label” homemade Others have complained that to meet the requirements they will have to hire more staff to peel the potatoes they previously bought peeled and frozen. French food critic JP Gén points out in The world that the many exceptions to the rule undermine “one of the central aims of reform”.

This is not the first time that France has played with the idea of ​​labels to save its culinary reputation. A law was proposed last year that would prevent any establishment selling “frozen or vacuum-packed” from being labeled a restaurant. Last April, Chef Alain Ducasse and the 15 people Culinary College of France has also launched a “quality restaurant” label to fight against “slippery standards”. The restaurants marked with the seal “inform about the origin of their products, prepare their own dishes and offer a warm welcome”. And in 2012, chef Xavier denamur called for the introduction of two labels: “industrial food” and “home cooking“for home-cooked meals. See a photo of the logo and the order below:

Home made

[Courtesy of Journal Officiel De La République Française]

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